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 During the past decades, FERNANDO PETERS has estabilished himself  as a solid name in the brazilian music market, performing, composing, arranging and producing for a vast number of artists, from “sold out stadiums” pop rock concerts to small jazz venues instrumental combos. Always the quite type, he now carries his elegance and subtleness to his solo career. 


 “Living Low” is his first album, and with the conceptual and emotional core set on low frequency intruments like the bass, the trombone and his own whispering voice, Peters creates unique textures that will bring nuances of european jazz greats like Esbjorn Svensson or Eberhard Weber and genre-defying rock stars like Bowie or King Crimson, tempered by his south-american roots, especially the melancholic feel of Jobim and Piazzolla.


 A prime bassist, but also a multi-instrumentalist, he played most of the instruments on the album, recorded in his own studio.

fernando peters

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