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Living Low is Fernando Peters´ first solo album, inspired and driven by the power of low frequencies - his bass, the trombone, the piano’s left hand…

With the artist shooting his influences towards a blank canvas, then dissolving them in a ricochet, the songs generate an echo previously unimaginable. 

Organic improvisations on bass and horns, improbable electronic grooves and melodic and harmonic daring provide a unique, dense and sort of dark atmosphere where Miles, Bowie, Jobim, King Crimson, Stravinsky, Gismonti, among other tones, start to form a new mix in the sound palette - in this case, the unique colors in Peters' music.

Produced by Fernando Peters / Mixed by Luciano Albo


Peters´ second album, Like Smoke, has a clear rock and roll genesis, paying tribute to important names such as Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Led Zeppelin. Its acoustic character maintains the composer's choice for subtleness, while offering a more straightforward suite to the songs.  

Produced by Felipe Rotta & Fernando Peters / Mixed by Felipe Rotta


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